Cardiovascular Function Diagnostics: Cardiogoniometry, ECG and High-End Blood Pressure Devices

enverdis is a manufacturer and supplier of cardiovascular function diagnostics equipment with the main focus on cardiogoniometry and ECG. Moreover the product range includes high-end blood pressure devices for automatic measurement of ankle-brachial-index (ABI) and aortic stiffness using pulse wave velocity (PWV) and the augmentation-index (AIx).

Cardiac and vascular disease detection, monitoring and screening diagnostics

New cardiovascular function diagnostics offer early detection, progress monitoring and risk screening for atherosclerotic and diabetic cardiac and vascular diseases.

Cardiovascular function diagnostics for stress-free diagnosis of myocardial ischemica

The brand-new cardiovascular diagnostic cardiogoniometry (CGM) is a method for stress-free diagnosis of myocardial ischemia (e.g. due to coronary heart disease or small vessel disease) in 5min. A short learning curve with intuitive software under Windows™ reduces your examination and evaluation times. All diagnostics get an automated interpretation.

Supporting the interface to the most popular hospital information systems, you can import and export patient and examination data. enverdis products are non-invasive, stress-free and simple, and therefore user-independent, reliable and highly cost-effective due to fast diagnostics.

High-end cardiogoniometry and ECG system

The Cardiologic Explorer offers stress-free diagnosis of myocardial ischemia and coronary heart diseases (CHD). Features include:

  • Cardiogoniometry (stress-free ischemia diagnosis in 5min, accuracy comparable to ergometry; automatic interpretation)
  • 12C Rest-ECG, including automatic measurement and report of findings (HES™ algorithms)

Vascular analysis equipment

ABI, AIx and photoplethismography: the Vascular Explorer provides vascular analysis for diagnosis of atherosclerotic and diabetes-linked macro and micro-angiopathies. Features include:

  • Automatic calculation of the ABI and AIx to diagnose PAOD, arteriosclerosis, vascular age/rigidity and aortic stiffness (this is important for blood pressure therapy of hypertensive patients)
  • Automatic measurement, parameterization and reports of findings for photoplethysmographic pulse curves at the earlobes, fingers and toes

Cardiovascular function diagnostics data management

The Patient Explorer provides the following features:

  • Central management for all enverdis devices of patients, examinations and users
  • Interface and data exchange with practice and hospital data systems, via GDT/BDT, HL7 and XML
  • Supports PDF handling of results, etc.

Research and development of new diagnostics for cardiovascular risk-stratification

The company was founded by M Alt and T Hübner in 1997. enverdis combines innovative research and development of cardiovascular diagnostic tools based on signal procession. Our engineers closely collaborate with scientists, clinicians and practitioners to develop customized diagnostic solutions. Studies and daily practice continually improve the clinical benefits of our technologies.

Our products are mainly developed and manufactured in our facilities at Saalfeld (EPSa) and Jena in Germany. Our innovations in the field of cardiovascular function diagnostics have been certified to meet DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

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