Rapid Hygiene Test System

Hygiena International is a global leader in manufacturing and supplying rapid hygiene test systems for a wide variety of applications from food, beverages and water to clinical, pharmaceutical and healthcare hygiene. Hygiena solid-state technology (SystemSURE Plus) offers a sensitive, reliable and affordable detection system for surface contamination.

Hygiena SystemSure Plus

Many hospitals rely solely on visual inspection which is a subjective and unreliable method of verification / evaluation of cleanliness. Many healthcare facilities are adopting Hygiena SystemSURE Plus as a more reliable, rapid and objective cleaning verification test.

Rapid hygiene tests can also increase staff awareness of hygiene and help in the fight against Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI). Hygiena products can be used to validate cleanliness in multiple hospital areas including wards, operating rooms, hospital laboratories, food preparation areas; it provides a useful training tool e.g. hand wash procedures and generates objective data in support of quality assurance, key performance indicators, trend analysis and due diligence.

Hygiena’s unique snap valve technology

Hygiena’s unique snap valve technology provides an all-in-one, ready to use sample collection and testing device that is simple and easy to use for all staff members. The North Tees and Hartlepool Trusts Quality and Performance Manager said "The Monitor provides immediate feedback on the efficiency of cleaning and assists us in identifying areas that could have been previously overlooked.

The results gives us the evidence we need to tackle any problem any problem areas and to produce reports for ward matrons. More importantly it enables the domestic services department to provide assurance that areas are as clean and germ free as possible following cleaning, which is something we were previously unable to do, having relied on visual inspection"

How does it work?
Simple: just swab, snap ‘n squeeze and place in the instrument to measure.
A virtual demo can also be seen on our website

Rapid tests improving hospital hygiene

Hygiena SystemSure Plus measures the ATP in a sample. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the universal energy carrying compound that is found in all living organisms and all organic matter. The swab is used to collect a sample and will pick up any organic matter left on the surface after cleaning. ‘Snap & Squeeze’ allows the enzyme Luciferase to react with any ATP in the sample and generates a light signal.

The light signal is measured by the SystemSURE Plus instrument and translates to a quantitative result in 15 seconds which correlates with the cleanliness of the surface. The higher the value the dirtier the surface. The user can instantly evaluate the areas hygiene and implement immediate corrective action where needed. The test is very sensitive and can detect very low levels of ATP.

SureTrend data analysis

Ultrasnap and Aquasnap swabs are all-in-one, ready to use, robust sampling devices with a 12 month shelf life.

Accompanying SureTrend data analysis software allows reporting, trending and analysis as well as providing management with key information for key performance indicators.

Hygiena’s products use a unique packaging concept (patented snap-valve technology) to provide all-in-one, ready-to-use sample collection and testing devices.

Testing devices supplied by Hygiena include:

  • Ultrasnap and Aquasnap for SystemSURE
  • snapShot is a low cost UNIVERSAL ATP test that fits most luminometers
  • Colour Hygiene Monitoring tests to detect food residues on surfaces including ProClean to detect protein residues, and SpotCheck that detects simple sugars
  • Specific Organism detection such as InSite for Listeria
  • Sample Collection and Preparation devices (Q Swabs) for traditional microbiological methods

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