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MBA in International Healthcare and Hospital Management

The overall aim of this MBA in International Healthcare and Hospital Management is to empower a new progeny of international healthcare managers in order to overhaul the outdated techniques practised in this industry and catapult it to the cutting edge of effective and efficient management.

Target groups for the MBA in International Healthcare and Hospital Management

The MBA in International Healthcare and Hospital Management programme targets doctors, scientists, engineers, pharmacists and administrators who are keen on enriching their development as managers in order to further their careers. The fact that this programme caters to people from such a wide range of sectors from within the healthcare industry allows for a more holistic approach to confronting the constant challenges this industry faces.

Executive MBA programme for aspiring healthcare professionals

This executive MBA programme caters to aspiring healthcare professionals who are already engaged in full-time employment. The part-time attendance helps students to strike a fine balance between study and work without sacrificing income or job experience. Furthermore, the prospect of studying theories and concepts in healthcare management while having the opportunity to directly apply them to daily work experience adds even more value and sustainability.

International approach to healthcare management courses

In this age of globalisation it becomes more and more necessary to have an international perspective in order to savour the various experiences in healthcare management at close hand. This international approach allows candidates the opportunity to think outside of the constraints of their own environment and allows them to cross international borders and rub shoulders with leading global experts in healthcare management.

Programme structure of the MBA in International Healthcare and Hospital Management

This programme comprises ten modules spread over 18 months and culminates in a master thesis. Eight of these modules require attendance for nine days at various international locations while the remaining two modules are e-based. The modules of the MBA in International Healthcare and Hospital Management programme are conducted in several different international locations in order to take advantage of international expert faculties as well as to allow for site visits to centres of excellence in the global healthcare industry.

A modular approach to healthcare and hospital managerial courses

All of the modules specifically focus on healthcare and hospital managerial concerns and hence project a high permeability of practical relevance to this industry. An interdisciplinary approach is practised within small classes in order to promote interactive learning. Strategic managerial insights are delivered at the hands of internationally renowned experts who are leaders in their various disciplines.

A powerful alumni network

Be part of a growing network of over 130 alumni from over 40 countries from around the world. This alumni network will forge an invaluable strategic alliance that will undoubtedly play a vital role in shaping further progress of healthcare management on a global scale. The intercultural skills developed via this melting pot of nationalities learning together plays a pivotal role in creating synergies in the international arena of healthcare as well as harnessing key instincts in managing a multi-cultural workforce.

Admission requirements:

  • A recognised first academic degree
  • Three years work experience in the healthcare sector
  • Evidence of fluency in written and spoken English or minimum TOEFL score of 550 for non-native speakers

The next MBA in International Healthcare and Hospital Management course will start in April 2011. The application hotline is now open.



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