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Products for Infectious Waste Disposal

For 40 years, Bemis Health Care has manufactured high-quality, disposable plastic products. Our focus to provide products that collect and dispose of infectious waste, including suction canisters, sharps containers, and fluid waste management systems, has led us into a broad range of markets, including acute care, primary care and long-term care.

Sharps disposal containers

At Bemis, the first priority in sharps container development is safety for patients and staff. Sentinel by Bemis? sharps disposal containers are manufactured using strict quality standards. Units snap together, permanently locking with tight seams between the bases and covers. Walls are puncture-resistant, meeting or exceeding ASTM standards, and are translucent to help identify fill level. All containers permanently lock for final disposal and are latex and heavy-metal-free.

Bemis offers a variety of sharps disposal units so your staff can work with the size that fits the application, reducing overall hospital waste. Versatile bracket systems allow users to change container size without changing brackets. Bemis' sharps containers are designed to nest, which saves money in shipping and storage.

Suction canisters and liners

Bemis offers a full range of suction collection and disposal products that are dependable, easy and safe to use, and cost-effective. Our products include Hi-Flow? rigid canisters; these canisters offer a significantly higher flow rate than any other filtered suction canister. The Aerostat® bacterial filter and mechanical shutoff feature prevent contamination of vacuum equipment.

  • Hydrophobic rigid canisters: these canisters contain a unique dual-filter system that provides superior protection against overflow or premature shutoff
  • Quick-Fit? suction liner system: this system provides easy insertion and removal of liners with its unique ribbed design. It also utilizes the hi-flow filter/shutoff system for added safety
  • Accessories and hardware: a wide variety of accessories and hardware is available to allow the use of Bemis canisters in virtually any facility

Specialized toilet seats

Made of high-quality, solid plastic with stainless-steel hinges, Bemis Medic-Aid® seats contain DuraGuard®, an antimicrobial agent that, with regular cleaning, inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria. Medic-Aid is ideal for use in the home setting, long-term care and assisted-living facilities, hospitals and clinics. Features include:

  • Meet ANSI Z124.5 standards
  • STA-TITE® Commercial Fastening System? for tight installation
  • Fit most standard toilets
  • Allow up to 4in of additional height above bowl
  • Available with stainless-steel side arms with textured plastic handgrips and finger grooves
  • Handrails meet ADA accessibility guidelines
  • Available in round (regular) and elongated styles

Fluid waste management system

Bemis' Quick-Drain™ waste management system is a confined system that utilizes Bemis hi-flow rigid canisters and Quick-Fit suction liners. Canister contents are drained directly into the sanitary sewer system. Quick-Drain is designed to lower the cost of infectious waste disposal by reducing the expense of red-bag waste and eliminating per-use costs such as solidifiers and disposables. System changeover and equipment costs can be recouped in a matter of months instead of years.

The Quick-Drain system has several features to improve worker safety. During the draining process the drain head is locked on to the canister cover to form a leak-proof seal. The built-in rinse feature allows the user the option of removing any remaining residue and, if hospital policy allows, the rinsed canister may be put into the regular trash.

The Quick-Drain system is only sold in the USA.

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