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VACUETTE® Specimen Collection System

Greiner Bio-One is a leading manufacturer of plastic evacuated collection tubes for blood and urine, capillary blood collection systems, safety blood collection sets and accessories, complete urinalysis systems, automatic erthrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) analysers and decapper instruments.

As the first manufacturer to develop a safety collection system for blood and urine made out of virtually unbreakable Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic, Greiner Bio-One Preanalytics is a trendsetter in safety.

VACUETTE® plastic specimen collection tubes

Greiner Bio-One is an expert in the field of plastics and injection moulding techniques; thus it was made possible to successfully develop the optimal process for manufacturing evacuated specimen collection tubes out of PET. The material provides a number of advantages. The tubes are as clear as glass yet virtually unbreakable; in addition they are very lightweight, making storage and transportation easier, as well as saving on disposal costs. Furthermore, incineration of PET leaves virtually no residue.

MINICOLLECT® capillary blood collection system

The MiniCollect® system is designed especially for blood collection from neonates and infants but can also be used for patients with fragile veins. Samples can be used for a wide range of analysis.

The MiniCollect® tube collects droplets hygienically and easily with an integrated scoop.

VACUETTE® safety products

Worldwide over one million needlestick injuries are reported officially every year. Together with the unofficial incidents that go unreported, the actual total is probably far higher.

With the prevalence of fatal infections (the human immonodeficiency virus (HIV), Hepatitis B (HBV), and Hepatitis C (HCV)), it is of utmost importance, that healthcare workers are offered the best possible protection against needlesticks and sharps injuries. By using VACUETTE® Safety Products, the risk can be reduced to an absolute minimum.

VACUETTE® Safety Blood Collection Sets are available in a variety of versions: with/without Luer Adapter/Tube Holder/Blood Culture Bottle Tube Holder, as well as with a range of tube lengths. All sets are single-packed and equipped with a safety mechanism which securely encloses the needle after blood collection.

VACUETTE® QUICKSHIELD safety tube holders stand out largely due to their simple handling. Directly after blood collection, the needle is enclosed safely within the protective sleeve. Just one hand is necessary. An audible click indicates to the user that the safety mechanism has been correctly activated.

VACUETTE® FC Mix Tube - The breakdown of glucose (glycolysis) in venous blood samples is significant in pre-analytics, particularly in relation to the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus and gestational diabetes. The American Association of Clinical Chemistry, American Diabetes Association, German Diabetes Society (DDG), and German Society for Gynaecology and Obstetrics (DGGG) requirements deal with this matter in detail.

Greiner Bio-One now has a solution in the form of the VACUETTE® FC Mix tube:

  • Stabilisation immediately after collection for 48 hours
  • Based on the in-vivo value
  • Avoids false negative diagnoses of diabetes patients
  • Long-term stabilisation allows for longer transport and storage times

VACUETTE® specimen collection accessories

Greiner Bio-One can supply all products required for the complete specimen collection procedure; needles, sharps disposal containers, tourniquets, etc. as well as transport containers for the safe transport of specimen material.

Uranalysis system

All products required for urinalysis, from collection to analysis in the laboratory are available from Greiner Bio-One.

  • Broad range of urine tubes, with and without stabiliser
  • Urine beakers and transfer devices for hygienic transfer of the sample
  • 24-hour urine containers

The VACUETTE® Urine CCM Tube stabilises samples immediately for improved preanalytics. It keeps the bacterial count stable for up to 48 hours at room temperature, so that there is no need to refrigerate.

Automatic ESR Analysers

Greiner Bio-One offers a range of automated ESR analysers, available in three versions to suit every requirement, whether in the doctor's office or in a busy hospital ward.

VACUETTE® VISO PLUS blood collection needle

The VACUETTE® VISIO PLUS blood collection needle with optical venipuncture control is a great help for phlebotomy personnel. This special product from Greiner Bio-One brings vision to blood collection at last. When venipuncture has been carried out successfully, blood flow is visible in the view window in the transparent plastic hub of the needle.

The VISIO PLUS also has advantages for the patient. Movement in the vein during penetration whilst searching for the vein lumen is sometimes painful for the patient. Due to the visible blood flow in VISIO PLUS' view window, this movement is avoided. The special cut of the needle tip makes penetration of the tissue a lot easier. The new VACUETTE® VISIO PLUS needle thus guarantees pain-free, stress-free venipuncture.

Saliva collection and quantification system

Greiner Bio-One has developed the world’s first saliva collection and quantification system, based on a liquid collection medium that allows standardised collection and storage of samples regardless of where the sample is collected. The saliva collection set can be applied in practically any situation - it such as self-testing, therapeutic drug monitoring or roadside testing.

Internationally recognised quality

Our quality management system conforms to ISO 9001:2008/EN ISO 13485. VACUETTE® products bear the CE mark and are compliant with the ISO 6710 and EN ISO14820 international standards for single-use containers for blood collection. The quality of our products follows EC directives and US regulations (21CFR) and is manufactured accordingly.

Greiner Bio-One Preanalytics all over the world

Greiner Bio-One has production locations in Austria, Hungary, the US, Brazil and Thailand. We also have regional offices sales partners throughout the world. An international distribution network guarantees sound customer advice and prompt delivery of products.

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MiniCollect® K3E K3EDTA Capillary Blood Collection Tubes 07 August 2017 Greiner Bio-One has developed a newly-designed capillary blood collection tube featuring an integrated collection scoop and a co-molded cap for collection and sampling.

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