Patient Handling and Hygiene Systems, Therapeutic Surfaces, Wound Healing, Hospital Beds, DVT Prevention and Infection Control

ArjoHuntleigh contributes to finding the right answer to these problems by providing solutions that improve the working environment for staff and increase quality of life for the elderly, and disabled in need of care. The product range covers bath, shower and hydrotherapy products, support equipment for patient handling, and clinically tested mattresses for the treatment and prevention of pressure sores. Whatever needs of your residents and carers, ArjoHuntleigh provides the optimum solution.

Prevention and management of pressure ulcers

ArjoHuntleigh offers a comprehensive range of pressure redistributing mattress replacements and mattress overlays to cater for all levels of care requirements to ensure the effective prevention and management of pressure ulcers. ArjoHuntleigh's seating range used together with our mattress replacements or overlays offer effective 24hr care is assured.

  • Mattress replacements and overlays: Nimbus, Breeze, Auto Logic, Pentaflex, Simuflex, Conformx, Viaclin, Alpha excel, Bari Breeze, Alpha Trancell, Alpha Xcell, Viaclin, Auto Logic, Trinova, Bi-Wave Carer, FTS, Alpha Active, Bi-Flex, Alpha Response
  • Seating range: Aura Freedom, Aura Logic, Day Care, Airtech, Seatech, Conformx, Pentaflex, Conformx, Simuflex

Medical beds – effective risk management

A wide range of hospital beds are available from ArjoHuntleigh promoting effective risk management, good infection control, ergonomics and safety.

The Enterprise electric profiling hospital bed range has been designed with risk management, ease of use and servicing in mind. Key features include low height of 30cm, the patented Bio-Contour profiling system for enhanced pressure and shear reduction, and a safe working load of 250kg.

  • Hospital beds (Enterprise, Contoura, etc.)
  • Birthing beds
  • Cots and cribs
  • Strechers: (Lifeguard)
  • Nursing home beds (Minuet)
  • Bariatric beds: (Contoura 1080)

Wound healing – topical negative pressure

The WoundASSIST topical negative pressure system (TNP) provides a minimal invasive method of promoting wound healing and works by the local application of sub-atmospheric pressure (suction).

The WoundASSIST system comprises:

  • Console providing the suction
  • Disposable canister to collect the exudate
  • A sterile wound pack

Safe patient handling – transfers with care

ArjoHuntleigh provides solutions for general transfers. With a wide range of lifters, ArjoHuntleigh answers to the varying demands depending on the residents' mobility status. One single nurse can easily transfer the patient in an ergonomically correct way of working.

Standing and raising aids:

  • Passive lifts: Maxi Move, Maxi Twin, Tenor (bariatric lifter)
  • Ceiling lifts: Maxi Sky
  • Sliding sheets: Maxi Slide
  • And a full range of slings including disposable slings (Flites)

DVT prevention

Designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind, the Flowtron Range provides effective, non-invasive mechanical compression for the prophylaxis of DVT.

  • Flowtron Universal, Flowtron Excel and Flowtron Trio

Hygiene - solutions for bathing, showering and hydrotherapy

ArjoHuntleigh has developed customised bathing systems, with integrated lifters, for safe and comfortable bathing. Hydrotherapy options can also be provided.

Everyday showering is becoming more common within health care, but the way it is carried out is of crucial importance for the quality of care.

ArjoHuntleigh provides shower and bathing solutions suitable for every mobility level.

  • Showering chairs: Carendo Carino, Carmina (Bariatrics)
  • Shower trolleys: Basic, Concerto
  • Bathing: System 2000, Rhapsody, Malibu, Sovereign, Parker Bath, Freedom Bath
  • Hygiene lifters: Alenti, Calypso, Miranti, Bolero
  • For the private bathroom: Care-O-Line (grips and handles)


Hospital-acquired infections are the cause of a large number of deaths every year. Combating nosocomial infections also requires the right equipment to clean and disinfect circulating hospital goods. ArjoHuntleigh has developed highly effective bedpan washers and washer disinfectors to prevent the spread of infection within health care and long-term care.

  • Disinfectors and Sluiceroom: Ninjo, Tornado, Typhoon

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