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An Overview of Health and Health Care in South Africa 1994 – 2010: Priorities, Progress and Prospects for New Gains

This white paper, commissioned by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, describes the progress made and challenges in efforts to improve the health of South Africans since 1994.

The report reviews the state of health and the healthcare system, identifies accomplishments, shortcomings and highlights some opportunities for new gains in national health priorities.

The aim of the paper is to help inform discussion of macro health policy and planning by identifying important priorities and opportunities for consideration.

It says the challenge for policymakers is to demonstrate improvements in the quality of care and service delivery indicators including waiting time and patient satisfaction, addressing the intractable health management issues that drive up costs.

The paper concludes by saying policymakers must focus on larger macro policy issues and programmes and reduce the rate of new HIV infections in South Africa by implementing a national HIV prevention programme.

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