Casey Hospital expansion project receives additional funding of $28.61m

The government of Victoria, a state in Australia,  will inject an extra $28.61 million into the Casey Hospital expansion to deliver a bigger hospital with more beds than earlier pledged.

The funding will meet the surging growth in demand for acute health care in Melbourne’s booming south east suburbs.

Earlier, $106.3m was pledged for a major expansion of Monash Health’s Casey Hospital with the construction of a new inpatient tower including 96 extra beds.

Casey is a fast growing area in Australia, and the third fastest growing municipality in Victoria.

Casey is also home to the biggest baby boom, with 86 babies born weekly. By 2035, this is expected to reach to 126 babies each week.

Its population grows by an average 7,300 people a year and is expected to hit 459,000 by 2036.

The extra funding boost will deliver additional 64 beds, bringing the total number of new beds to 160.

The expansion will also feature four additional operating theatres, an intensive care unit and a day surgery unit.

This expansion will allow Casey Hospital to treat an extra 25,867 patients, perform an extra 8,000 procedures and support an extra 1,300 births.

The expansion will start next year and be open to patients in late 2019.