Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital to install Omnicell’s medication automation solutions

US-based Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital (Henry Mayo) has selected Omnicell’s medication automation solutions to streamline provider workflows thereby improving the quality of its patient care.

The update to automation solutions will be an addition to its Henry Mayo’s new 140 bed equipped patient tower.

Henry Mayo pharmacy services director Harry Shamamian said: “As we looked for a solution that increased the security of our medications in the OR and on the patient floors, we also wanted tools that helped streamline the distribution process for our nurses.

“Omnicell’s solutions offer both the security and flexibility we require while helping to expand the total medication capacity that our nurses need.”

Omnicell’s technology features the automated medication dispensing cabinets enables the nurses to queue up medication orders at patients’ bedsides instead of wait in line at the cabinet.

It allows the nurses to devote more time to the patients.

The cabinets are also fitted with single-dose dispensing system, which improves security and reduces the need for manual narcotic count-backs that results in saving time which can be dedicated on patient-centric activities.

Omnicell’s cabinet features more space which allows storage of more volumes of medicines in a secured way at the nursing units, thereby minimising frequency of pharmacy deliveries.

Henry Mayo is also planning to install an automated dispensing cabinet suited to the requirement of an operating room and anesthesia provider workflow.

The specialised cabinets are expected to enhance the security and eliminate drug diversion risk which is considered important in an area which deals with powerful narcotics.