Houston Methodist Hospital deploys Synaptive Medical's BrightMatter surgical technology

Houston Methodist

Houston Methodist Hospital has become the first hospital in Texas, US, to acquire BrightMatter surgical solutions from Synaptive Medical for imaging, planning and surgical navigation for brain surgery.

BrightMatter surgical solutions allows a surgeon to visualise the entire brain's fibre tracts and plan the best and safest surgical route, which sometimes is not the shortest.

Synaptive Medical's technology combines pre-operative imaging, surgical planning, operative navigation and guidance, and a robotic visualisation system.

Houston Methodist Neurological Institute neurosurgery chairman Gavin Britz said: "With better visualisation for the surgeons, this new technology will help treat and remove tumours deep inside the brain.

"This technology uses patient-specific imaging which allows surgeons to plan the safest and fastest surgical route."

Using this technology, physicians will get a better visual image of a patient's brain which cannot be seen with naked eye.

The hands-free robotic visualisation system that stays focused on the surgical field will help surgeons to see extraordinary details of the patients' anatomy and remain focused on the procedure.

BrightMatter's technology has the ability to track exactly where the tools are in the patient and visualises the patients' unique fibre tracts and planned trajectory in real time.

Synaptive Medical CEO Cameron Piron said: "We are excited to partner with Houston Methodist Hospital, Dr. Britz, and his team to provide the latest in advanced technology solutions for neurosurgical planning and surgery.

"In the city that inspired the many to believe in the possibility of the original 'moonshot,' we are hopeful that a prominent team such as Dr. Britz's can use this technology to make a difference in the mission to beat cancer. We look forward to working together to care for patients and define a new era of neurosurgery."

Image: Scanned brain fibre tracks. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto/Synaptive Medical.