Lee Memorial Health System selects RadPRO1 40kW Mobile Digital X-Ray System for new children's hospital

Virtual Imaging, a fully owned unit of Canon USA, has announced that Lee Memorial Health System has selected the RadPRO1 40kW Mobile Digital X-Ray System for its radiology needs at the new Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida.

This mobile digital x-ray system is akin to a radiography room on wheels. 

Due to its fast processing times, patient centric and family-friendly centre can capture quality images in routine bedside examinations, as well as in challenging trauma applications.

Lee Memorial Health System is a leading public health system in the state of Florida and therefore, required a strong and reliable imaging solution for all of its locations.

Lee Memorial Health Systems has depended on RadPRO mobile x-ray systems for more than three years to fulfill the imaging requirements of several of its healthcare facilities.

Lee Memorial Health System selected the RadPRO Mobile 40kW Digital X-ray System to meet these needs and provide quality imaging required for the expansion to its new children's hospital.

Golisano Children's Hospital imaging services director Kristen Hickey said: "In opening this new children's hospital, we needed a product that could offer clear images and flexibility, as well as a minimal learning curve for our healthcare professionals.

"We chose the RadPRO Mobile 40kW Digital X-ray System for its ability to provide us with the quality of imaging we've come to expect from our Canon detectors and the ease-of-use we've experienced with our existing RadPRO radiography equipment."

"Before purchasing our RadPRO mobile x-ray systems, we were performing diagnostic radiography exams using Computed Radiography (CR). With the help of the RadPRO systems, we were able to smoothly transition to Digital Radiography (DR), and elevate the level of diagnostic imaging that we provide to the community.

"This transition resulted in an X- ray dose reduction to the patient, and helped to increase our workflow productivity as compared to using CR technology."