Overland Park Regional Medical Center conducts first robotic surgery

US-based Overland Park Regional Medical Center has conducted surgery using the surgical robot, daVinci Surgical System at its pediatric centre.

The surgery was successfully conducted by MEDNAX-affiliated pediatric general surgeon Corey Iqbal deploying the daVinci Surgical System on 15-year-old Cheyleah Town, a Kansas resisdent who was diagnosed of biliary dyskinesia.

Overland Park Regional Medical Center CEO Kevin Hicks said: “Our new pediatric surgeon, Dr. Corey Iqbal, is highly trained in laparoscopic surgeries in pediatric patients.

“Single-incision surgeries are rare in pediatric patients, and many pediatric surgeons do not use this technique because it is complex and requires advanced minimally invasive surgical skills and practice.”

Iqbal stated that usage of robotic surgery requires minimal incisions and takes lesser time than the conventional laparoscopic surgical options.

Iqbal noted: “A faster surgery means less anesthesia and fewer complications.

“This means our young patients, like Cheyleah, have better outcomes, less pain and no or shorter hospitals stays.”

It enables a 3D view of the surgical field allowing better depth perception and movement of robotic arms mimicking motion of a human wrist facilitates easier sewing.

Overland Park Regional Medical Center’s pediatric centre provides pediatric specialists, skilled nursing and support staff, and specialised pediatric medical services.