Prathima Hospitals to expand in India

India-based Prathima Hospitals has plans to expand its chain of hospitals across the nation.

Under the Rs. 3.50bn ($52.46m) expansion project, the hospital management is planning to establish several hospitals across the Indian states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The recent investment will add to the hospital management’s already invested Rs.2bn ($29.9m) on the current projects.

Prathima Hospitals director Dr. Harini Boinpally was quoted by The Hindu Business Line as saying: “With three hospitals in Telangana, wherein the company invested about Rs. 2bn , including two in Hyderabad, one of which was acquired, we are looking at setting up a chain of hospitals in various district headquarters in the State.

“This will be a combination of acquisition-lead growth and our own hospitals.”

The hospital currently has 1,500 beds across three locations -  Kachiguda, Kukatpally and Karimnagar - in Telangana state.

Boinpally stated that the management intends to establish hospitals in every district headquarters in the state.

The management intends to include local doctors at every site as partners in the project, offering them a share of 30% in the project.

Boinipally was quoted by the publication as saying: “The site has been identified, and we will soon begin works.

“This will be a fully integrated cancer care facility.”