Surgical Affiliates launches orthopedic surgicalist services programme at MHLB

Surgical Affiliates Management has launched a new acute care orthopedic surgicalist services programme at Memorial Hospital Los Banos (MHLB) in the US.

The 44-bed MHLB facility is located in the rural San Joaquin Valley of Central California and serves Los Banos and the surrounding geographic areas.

The new programme will give residents access 24/7 to acute orthopedic surgical care.

Surgical Affiliates Management CEO Leon Owens said: “We have implemented these orthopedic surgicalist programs in hospitals in busy metropolitan areas and in rural locations, where the challenge of getting consistent orthopedic surgical coverage is especially difficult.

“This programme is a long-term, sustainable approach to meeting orthopedic surgery needs in the community and ensuring consistent coverage for patients needing emergency orthopedic care.”

The acute orthopedic surgery programme is aimed at having a team of orthopedic surgeons, who provide care to patients inside the hospital, as well as those who arrive in the emergency department needing orthopedic care.

Surgical Affiliates Management orthopedic surgery chief Pamela Mehta said: “Our acute orthopedic program is a great partnership that will help create a long-term, sustainable approach for meeting orthopedic surgery needs in the community and ensure consistent coverage for those patients needing emergency orthopedic care.

“Up until now, community residents who have found themselves in need of urgent orthopedic care would have to find that care outside the community. Now, they will be able to have their care and procedures done right here at their local hospital.”