Victoria invests $110m to build new heart hospital at Monash University

The Government of Victoria in Australia has allocated A$135m ($99.5m) in its state budget 2016/17 to build the country's first stand-alone Heart Hospital at Monash University in Clayton.

A new plan has been unveiled by the government to ensure heart disease patients across the state can access the world class cardiac care and treatment.

For the new hospital, the government has already allocated A$15m ($11m) for planning works bringing the total investment to A$150m ($110m).

The design, service and infrastructure plan for Victoria's Cardiac System identifies three top priorities including better patient access, experience and outcomes, a coordinated system, and effective and innovative cardiac services.

The plan also outlines how to build a strong and sustainable cardiac care system in order to provide better, person-centred care through improved collaboration and partnerships.

Victoria Minister for Health Jill Hennessy said: "We're building a first class, connected cardiac care system that will significantly improve health outcomes for all Victorians with, or at risk, of heart disease.

"It means that more cardiac patients will receive the care, treatment and surgery they need and deserve, no matter where they live.

"We promised to build Australia's first Heart Hospital at Monash University Clayton to revolutionise cardiovascular care in Victoria, and we're keeping our word."

The new Victorian Heart Hospital would treat cardiac diseases from early childhood to advanced adult life, and will include an emergency department, cardiac cath labs, specialist surgical and imaging facilities, and telehealth services for patients across Victoria, interstate and around the world.