Winthrop-University Hospital launches new initiative to improve patient safety

Winthrop-University Hospital and Atlas Lift Tech have partnered to launch a new safe patient handling programme.

The move comes as Winthrop looks to protect health and safety of both its patients and care staff.

The new 'Lift Coach Programme' is expected to improve patient safety while reducing injuries among nursing and care staff members involved in patient handling.

The initiative, provided by Atlas, will help the 591-bed university-affiliated medical centre become New York State Safe Patient Handling Act S6914/A9205 compliant.

Under the act enacted in 2014, acute-care facilities, residential healthcare facilities, and diagnostic and treatment centres must have a safe patient handling programme by 01 January next year.

Winthrop-University Hospital human resources and organizational development senior vice-president Stacey Pfeffer said: "Winthrop-University Hospital recognizes the value of implementing a Safe Patient Handling programme. 

“Our clinical staff and patients alike will benefit from a safer environment of care and an improved quality of life.  Employee and Patient Safety are a priority every day!"

The programme is said to deliver lift equipment and competence training at the bedside by the Atlas Lift Coaches, professionals trained in safe patient handling technology, equipment, resources, and accessories required to position and mobilise patients.

Atlas Lift Tech provides proven and effective practices that are said to reduce caregiver injury and promote patient safety.