bioMérieux – Committed to the Fight Against HAI

bioMérieux, a world leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics (IVD), offers the most comprehensive diagnostic solution on the market to help hospitals and healthcare facilities fight healthcare-associated infection (HAI).

HAI is now recognised worldwide as a major public health issue affecting at least 7 million people per year. In the US, HAIs affect approximately 1.7 million patients each year, resulting in 99,000 deaths and an estimated $20 billion in healthcare costs.1,2

These infections require healthcare establishments to implement infection control policies to screen patients, manage outbreaks and monitor epidemiology. Diagnostic tests can play a significant role in such infection control policies, helping to substantially reduce HAI prevalence and associated costs.3,4

bioMérieux – expertise in microbiology and infectious diseases

With 45 years’ experience in microbiology and the diagnosis of infectious pathologies, HAI is naturally one of bioMérieux’s six strategic disease areas.

bioMérieux has expertise in the areas of microbial culture, detection, identification, antimicrobial resistance testing, genotyping and blood culture. Its unique offer spans the complete spectrum of diagnostic technologies, from microbiology to immunoassays and molecular biology, including instruments and software.

The company is a pioneer in chromogenic culture media and the leader in identification and antimicrobial resistance testing. It has also developed expert interpretation software for the analysis of antibiotic resistance trends and identification of uncommon resistance mechanisms. This knowledge and experience is essential to successfully challenge healthcare-associated infections, since up to 70% of organisms causing HAI are resistant to at least one antibiotic.5

bioMérieux – providing complete solutions for HAI

bioMérieux offers an integrated solution for HAI, covering the complete spectrum of diagnostic technologies, from manual and culture-based methods to automated and molecular techniques.

This unique offer focuses on three key areas of infection control:

  • Prevention: patient screening and environmental monitoring
  • Surveillance: information management (alerts, epidemiology studies and antibiotic monitoring)
  • Intervention: diagnosis of HAI and outbreak management

In each area, bioMérieux is dedicated to delivering relevant microbiology solutions that fully meet the needs of healthcare professionals. These solutions contribute to reducing or stabilising the rate of HAI, decreasing hospital costs and ultimately improving healthcare quality.

bioMérieux – driving the fight against HAI

bioMérieux actively drives the fight against HAI by initiating high-level scientific discussions and collaborations to further information exchange and education on this key public health issue.

In 2007 bioMérieux organised the first World HAI Forum, gathering 50 top international experts to debate on the complex issue of HAI. The second edition of this biennial event will take place 21-22 September 2009, at the Fondation Mérieux Conference Centre, France. To further promote the exchange of scientific knowledge and the development of a global HAI network, bioMérieux has over the past two years also organised HAI-focused symposia in Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Japan and Korea.

In recognition of bioMérieux’s “unparalleled leadership and commitment” and its “pioneering and extensive work” in the field of HAI, Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting agency, awarded bioMérieux with their 2007 European Technology Leadership Award for HAI control.

In February 2008, bioMérieux signed an agreement with the Chinese Ministry of Health (involves nine major Chinese hospitals) which focuses on four areas: training, development of standard operating procedures (SOP), intensification of strain typing and development of outcome studies. Following an initial investigation phase on the carriage of multi-resistant bacteria, training programmes are currently being developed in close collaboration with a number of French experts.

bioMérieux organised a scientific symposium entitled ‘The Contribution of In Vitro Diagnostics in Controlling HAI and Microbial Resistance’ in Barcelona on 20 April during the 2008 ECCMID Congress.


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