ArjoHuntleigh Launches the World’s Smallest Passive Lifter

Maxi Twin Compact™, the latest passive lifter from ArjoHuntleigh, is designed to improve resident and patient handling in care settings with limited space.

ArjoHuntleigh has developed the world’s smallest passive lifter capable of offering both a safe working load (160kg) applicable to most residents, and a high lifting stroke that enables safe lifting of residents from the floor.

Maxi Twin Compact is a smaller version of the well-known Maxi Twin passive floor lifter. It incorporates all the main features of the larger sling lifter, including the innovative twin-mast design that improves stability and weight distribution, while offering the carer unique access advantages for working in confined spaces.

Designed primarily with elderly care and home care in mind, Maxi Twin Compact enables safe everyday transfers of residents to and from a bed, chair, wheelchair or toilet. The battery-powered lifter can be operated by a single carer, who uses a handset to control the raising and lowering of the resident during transfers.

The lifter’s advanced battery-powered features also include powered chassis legs that can be opened to provide good access for chair transfers. An optional powered feature, the Powered Dynamic Positioning System, enables fine-tuning of the resident’s position in the sling at the push of a button.

“Maxi Twin Compact has a remarkably small footprint, short chassis legs and a very compact design, which allows high-quality care in confined spaces such as small bedrooms and narrow corridors,” says Fredrik Radencrantz, product group manager of patient handling at ArjoHuntleigh. “It is also highly manoeuvrable. This combination of compactness and manoeuvrability means it can often be used in care settings that are inaccessible to larger lifters.”

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