Steriking LT Blueline
New product for low-temperature sterilization

In healthcare facilities, sterilization by the hydrogen peroxide gas plasma method is gaining more and more
volume in contrast to traditional formaldehyde and ethylene oxide gas processes. Steriking LT Blueline is
Wipak Medical’s new product line for low-temperature sterilization. For this process Wipak has specially
developed a packaging system comprising Tyvek® and plastic film, as no woodpulp fibres are allowed to be
used. The white Tyvek material is made of 100% high density polyethylene fibres. It allows quick passage
of the sterilizing agent and accompanying moisture vapour and it also provides an excellent barrier against

Steriking LT Blueline | Accessory items

LT Closing Strips
The Closing Strips have been developed to tightly close the wrapping sheets. They are made of Tyvek® and printed with a process indicator that changes colour from yellow to blue when processed.

LT Check-List
The Check-List facilitates the collecting and filing of all necessary process control data.