A practical documentation system for daily heat-sealer validation and seal quality test. Seal Control gives you an undisputable competitive edge as it is only available from Wipak. Note that the product design has recently been upgraded for improved user convenience and the sheets are supplied in new preprinted dispenser boxes.

The sterilization package has to be sealed against ingress of micro-organisms – and this sealing needs to be a validated process. It is the responsibility of the packer. The new standard ISO 11607: 2006 lays down the conventional technical requirements for sterile barrier materials and their performance in its Part 1. It also stipulates the responsibilities for the user of the packaging in Part 2. Wipak offers Steriking Seal Control sheets to facilitate validation documentation by its customers.

Steriking Seal Control has raised enormous interest. It will certainly be one of our highlights during the coming MEDICA exhibition.