Our Steriking-2p and Steriking-3p product families complement each other and are both suitable for these sterilization methods. The conventional range of Steriking® peel pouches and rolls – let’s call it the Steriking-2p series – feature process indicators for steam and EO gas sterilization. The contrasting colors change in steam from blue to dark brown and in EO from pink to yellow. Steriking-2p offers a wide variety of types and sizes; for example, rolls are available in various lengths such as 200 meters, 100 meters and 31 meters (100ft).

We offer a series of Steriking-3p products that have process indicators for all three sterilization methods: steam, EO and FO. These products have been available as rolls, with and without gussets, and from early 2008 also as flat pouches. The color codes in the Steriking-3p series are pink-to-brown for steam, white-to-brown for EO and pink-to-green for FO.