“As well as social media leading the way in pharmacovigilance, clinical trial recruitment and digital marketing, the pharmaceutical industry is entering into a new and exciting digital era which is embracing patient engagement through sophisticated use of ‘social listening’ and playing a central role in cutting edge personalised healthcare such as wearable technology.

Building on the success of previous sell out shows, the 8th annual conference on Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry, will provide a niche platform for senior marketing practitioners to capture the latest trends and technologies, learn from practical case studies and benchmark best practice to maximise digital strategy.

Featured speakers include:

• Daniel Ghinn, Founder & CEO, Creation Healthcare
• Kevin Lancashire, Head Web Strategy and External Digital Communications, Roche
• Duncan Cantor, Communication Director, Boehringer Ingelheim
• Liz Skrbkova, Global Communications Manager, Novo Nordisk
• Pinal Patel, Senior Enrolment Specialist, Bristol-Myers Squibb
• Scott Gavin, Director, Pfizer
• Stine Molgard Sorensen, Digital Interaction Business Partner, Lundbeck A/S
• Charlotte Roth, Corporate Communications Manager, Actelion

Reasons to attend:

• Harness your creative use of language to build effective web content that target your consumer and patient needs
• Understand what online conversations to be looking out for, to create the right content for the right platform with the right language
• Learn multi-channel digital management strategies across international markets to build your social community and keep consumers motivated.
• Discuss the value of wearable technology in generating accurate data to personalise healthcare: What features could be made to empower self-care and become more integrated in daily life?

Create the right content for the right platform with the right language and register your place today!

Follow the conversation at #pharmasocialmedia”