• Can Arthroplasty Treat RUJ Pain?

    It is estimated that in the USA there are more than 10,000 Kapandji pinning and Darrach procedures every year. Dr Sanjay Desai explains how use of an ulnar head implant...

  • Can Catheter Ablation Cure A-Fib?

    A-Fib can cause strokes and heart failure. Treatment is only a temporary alleviance and open-heart surgery a major risk. Dr Richard Schilling, of St Barts Hospital, raises the possibility that...

  • Coming Clean

    Nosocomial infections and general hygiene in hospitals are issues that are capturing attention around the world. Some protagonists, intent on improving things, speak to James Leavey about what is being...

  • Fighting Infection

    Infection control is an ongoing battle against the dangers of complacency and ignorance. Ron Stoker, executive director of ISIPS, details how the need to facilitate regular handwashing amongst all healthcare...

  • MI and Robots at the Heart of Things

    The rise of minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery for cardiac problems is continual and permanent. Dr Naresh Trehan runs through some specific usages and the benefits it brings.


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