Beaumont Hospital in Wayne, US is set to reopen in phases, starting on 05 May, to cater to both Covid-19 and non-Covid-19 patients.

Phase I will include opening of the emergency centre, offering of obstetrical services along with observation/inpatient medical surgical beds and support services.

The hospital will also be providing certain outpatient surgical and diagnostic services, including the infusion centre.

The second phase will focus on addition of inpatient and critical care capacity.

Beaumont Hospital is working to reconfigure critical staffing and resource requirements based on changes in Covid-19 and non-Covid-19 volumes.

Until Phase II, patients who might require a higher level of care, including critical care, at Wayne will be transferred to another Beaumont facility.

Beaumont Health chief operating officer Carolyn Wilson said: “We are thrilled to begin re-opening the Wayne campus in phases as we carefully prepare for another potential Covid-19 surge.

“We have always said that we remain committed to the Wayne community and we are eager to begin providing care at our campus again.”

The hospital’s level III Trauma Center will not be open until a later phase.

In a statement, Beaumont Health said: “Many factors that could affect health care are beyond Beaumont’s control, such as government orders and the public’s willingness to observe social distancing protocols. Therefore, all plans are subject to change.

“As additional services come online and are approved by regulators, Beaumont will notify the community.”

The Beaumont Hospital, Wayne and its services were temporarily paused last month amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.