Technology firm Accenture is aiding Northside Hospital generate millions of dollars in savings by transforming the hospital’s supply chain and procurement operations to reduce utilities and telecommunications costs.

This firm helped the hospital set up a model is expected to lead to $5m in annual savings.

Through managed services approach, Accenture helped the hospital to simplify its bill review and payment activities and rationalised portfolio of energy and telecom service providers.

Further, Accenture has helped to set up online billing portals to increase visibility into detailed account information. It has also changed the hospital’s paper processes to digital, thereby enabling faster analysis of aggregated expenditures.

Northside Hospital vice president of supply chain Carl Waller said: “Selecting Accenture to manage several indirect spend categories allowed our supply chain organization to focus on our core competencies during a period of rapid growth.

“Effective leveraging of internal and third-party resources and expertise has provided the proper balance for yielding optimal savings across the system. Accenture had the category expertise, data analytics and advanced methods essential for enabling us to save millions of dollars on utilities and telecom.”

Accenture’s work is helping Northside Hospital generate $3m in annual telecom savings and $1m in annual energy savings.

The ini tiatives have also led to one-time refunds of $800,000 for telecom contracts; quick-hit refunds of  around $400,000 for energy contracts besides improving contract compliance.

The energy and telecom initiatives are part of an overall procurement sourcing effort at Northside Hospital.

Working with Northside, Accenture audited bills to find out aspects such as adherence to existing contracts, looking for overpayments and potential refunds.