Pieces Technologies is continuing its agreement with Children’s Health to offer cloud-based decision support and predictive analytics tools to boost patient outcomes.

As per the agreement, Children’s Health will make use of Pieces DS (Decision Sciences), a cloud-based clinical decision support tool that utilises natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence to make predictive modelling. This can help streamline clinician workflows, thereby improving healthcare results.

Pieces DS helps to streamline provider and case management workflows by surfacing and predicting unique patient requirements, which inturn aids the healthcare system to effectively utilise resources.

Children’s Health executive vice president and chief strategy officer Pete Perialas, Jr said: “We see tremendous value working with industry leader Pieces Technologies. The use of its advanced technologies surfaces insights within our EMR data that help us focus on areas where we can see lasting improvement on our outcomes.

“As a system, Children’s Health is committed to providing care and promoting healthier living in the community. Through the Pieces Technologies platforms, we are able to improve health outcomes by processing and integrating patient data, and initiate earlier interventions in children.”

Although care management is an effective way to boost health, it can be labour intensive. Pieces Technologies claimed that its solutions are designed in a way to help improve clinical decision-making, provide precise interventions, and help deal with social and economic determinants of health.

Pieces Technologies CEO and president Ruben Amarasingham said: “The use of solutions and framework developed by Pieces Technologies guides health systems with decision support tools. These tools can help improve the effectiveness of care management programs while freeing up clinical teams to focus on patient care.

“We are proud to continue our work with Children’s Health through this agreement to contribute to improved health care and health outcomes.”

Pieces Technologies develops software that helps to interpret patient information in real-time, thereby enabling billions of data points to act as warning tools to save lives.