Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, in Ohio, partnered with Claritas Genomics – a company formed by Boston Children’s Hospital and Life Technologies – to provide genomics-based diagnostics for paediatric patients.

The objective of this partnership is to create a collaborative network to share data and expertise, as well as laboratory work and information, regarding the fields of medical genetics and genomics.

The medical centre brought Claritas’s Series A round to a close with an undisclosed amount of investment, along with two additional strategic investors.

"The objective of this partnership is to create a collaborative network to share data and expertise."

Investments are expected to help the new venture advance genetic and genomic research discoveries and bring them to appropriate clinical use.

Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation director Dr Arnold Strauss said the hospital is excited to join the partnership with Boston Children’s and Claritas, to build the scale of data necessary to realise the potential of clinical genomics.

"Given the expertise at pediatric hospitals in genomics specifically, the knowledge required to determine the full clinical impact of a patient’s genome, and the ethical approaches to responsibly act on the information, patients will benefit from our pediatric hospitals working together in new ways," Dr Strauss added.

"Working with Claritas will bring the pediatric expertise to patients across the country and world."

The diagnostics lab at Claritas Genomics provides genetic testing for clinical providers and researchers with a focus on paediatric medicine.

Claritas Genomics, which was spun out of Boston Children’s Hospital in February 2013, combines advanced genetic analysis technology with clinical interpretive services. It offers more than 100 specialty tests.

Claritas CEO Dr Patrice Milos said these exciting partnerships with two of the top three pediatric hospitals in the country are the foundation for providing genomic sequencing and interpretation – not just for a single institution – but for patients worldwide.

"With both Boston Children’s and Cincinnati Children’s as partners, we are building a network of pediatric academic centres, linked through electronic systems, that can provide consults and share genomic data to get answers to unsolved genetic diseases much faster," Dr Milos added.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is one of the top two recipients of paediatric research grants from the National Institutes of Health, and the hospital is a research and teaching affiliate of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.