Windsor Regional Hospital – a multifaceted health service organisation operating from two main sites, the Metropolitan campus and the Ouellette campus in the Province of Ontario – has announced the addition of state-of-the-art Sysmex XN-series haematology analysers in its clinical laboratories.

This multisite standardisation provides the hospital’s clinical laboratory with expanded clinical and operational capabilities that benefit patients, physicians and the surrounding community.

The hospital has deployed two Sysmex XN-3000 automated hematology analysers, equipped with the RU-20 reagent delivery system, at its two campuses.

The RU-20 reagent delivery system utilises concentrates to make the diluent used to count and identify cells, thereby saving space and labour while streamlining inventory management and reducing production of greenhouse gases.

The hospital also purchased the Sysmex XN-1000 for Leamington District Memorial Hospital.

These analysers use WAM decision support software, a middleware designed to manage reporting and paperless hands-free processing of clinical diagnostic tests and enable rules-driven auto-validation.

The Integrated Hospital Laboratory Services of Windsor Essex (IHL), which operates as one service in three locations, provides a full range of laboratory services for more than 400,000 people. It also processes approximately 215,000 complete blood count (CBC) haematology tests annually.

Regional Laboratory Services for the region director, Marion McChesney, said this powerful new platform enables them to offer a whole new level of testing sophistication and quality.

"No doubt, it can positively contribute to enhanced patient care for the Southwestern Ontario region now and long into the future," McChesney added.

Windsor selected Sysmex to maximise technological performance and standardisation of the clinical lab, to cater to quality healthcare requirements. Windsor can now provide a CBC efficiently and quickly from a blood sample and analyse body fluids.

McChesney said these new haematology analysers are designed to allow laboratory technologists to use their skill, judgment and knowledge where it is needed most – on review of abnormal results.

"They also make workflow improvements and improve turn-around time providing rapid, reliable results that physicians count on when they make a critical diagnosis and manage a wide range of diseases," McChesney added.

The hospital anticipates the investment will benefit its programmes in areas such as cancer, renal disease and neonatal care.

Windsor Regional Hospital is a regional provider of advanced care in areas that include complex trauma, renal dialysis, cardiac care, stroke and neurosurgery, intensive care, acute mental health, family birthing centre, neonatal intensive care, paediatric services, regional cancer services and a broad range of medical and surgical services.