Medical providers in the US will take part in the $1bn nationwide Partnership for Patients initiative launched by the federal government, which will focus on patient safety.

The programme aims to reduce medical errors by involving people in healthcare and offering them technologies, analysis and other tools funded by the Obama administration’s healthcare reforms.

According to a study by the US inspector general of health and human services in October 2008, about 13.5% of medicare patients suffered adverse events during their stays in hospital.

The federal government is aiming to reduce infections by 40% and hospital readmissions by 20% by the end of 2013.

UMass Memorial Medical Center, Southboro Medical Group of Atrius Health, Tri-Valley and VNA Care Network & Hospice of Southboro are some of the entities that have signed up to be part of the initiative.

UMass Memorial Medical Center President Dr Walter Ettinger said UMass Memorial doctors developed new procedures to reduce infections associated with catheters placed in large veins, to reduce infections in deep chest wounds from heart surgeries, and to cut the death rate from aortic aneurysms.