US-based Unilife has developed a proprietary range of auto-injectors for the self-administration of injectable drugs outside of healthcare facilities.

The auto-injectors are intended to be used in conjunction with Unifill’s prefilled syringes, enable patients to inject a fixed dose of medication and automatically retracts the needle back into the barrel upon full dose delivery.

The self-injection system features a small diameter, an end-of-dose indicator and automatic retraction of the needle from the skin after completion of the injection.

Unilife CEO Alan Shortall said for that once a patient hears the auto-injectors’ audible-tactile indication signalling the activation of the safety mechanism, they know the dose has been fully administered and the device can be safely taken away from the body.

”This true end-of-dose indicator represents a unique competitive advantage for our auto-injectors that addresses a key unmet need given the importance of accurately administering a full dose of medication to optimise patient compliance with therapy regimes,” Shortall said.