Umea University Hospital in Sweden has selected SyntheticMR’s SyMRI Diagnostics software to monitor the treatment efficacy of multiple sclerosis.

SyMRI Diagnostics uses a rapid MRI scan to provide a measure for patient tissue properties, and generates conventional MRI images and tissue images.

The software includes tools to automatically estimate a measure for brain atrophy and, with minor manual interaction, retrieve the volume of local brain structures and lesions.

Umea University Hospital neuroradiologist Richard Birgander said that SyMRI enables it to retrieve accurate values on the patients status that they could not otherwise obtain.

“We have analysed the software’s functionality and the results look very good, which has led to a decision to introduce it in regular clinical procedures,” Birgander added.

Umea University Hosptial neurologist Anders Svenningsson added that the SyMRI approach could be integrated into the Swedish MS Register to deliver more accurate follow-up possibilities for their patients.

The Swedish MS Register is a national database that to improve the care and convey knowledge of multiple sclerosis.