EnteroMedics has presented data from the VBLOC-DM2 Enable trial evaluating effectiveness and safety of the company’s second generation Maestro rechargeable system in the treatment of obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

The CE-marked Maestro rechargeable system delivers VBLOC vagal blocking therapy through two small electrodes that are laparoscopically implanted and placed in contact with the trunks of the vagus nerve, just above the junction between the esophagus and the stomach.

The trial reported a sustained improvement in glycaemic control and blood pressure, as well as clinically meaningful weight loss in obese diabetic patients using the system.

EnteroMedics President and CEO Mark Knudson said that the company continues to make progress toward commercialisation of the Maestro rechargeable System in Europe, and that similar efforts are under way in other markets, including Australia and the US.