The US Food and Drug Administration has cleared Circa Scientific’s Circa S-Cath and Circa Temperature Monitoring System.

The S-Cath and temperature monitoring system address the problems associated with slow, single sensor and small surface-area standard oesophageal temperature probes and monitors.

The single-use S-Cath features 12 temperature sensors that continuously sense for new temperatures.

S-Cath is incorporated in a two-plane modified ‘S’ configuration to cover up to an 18mm+ wide area of the oesophagus and improve oesophageal visualisation under X-ray.

The reusable temperature monitoring system is a compact touchscreen monitor that displays the individual temperature of each sensor 20 times per second and also simultaneously displays the warmest sensor on the probe.

Circa Scientific CEO Lee Geist said the Circa S-Cath and temperature monitoring system can improve temperature sensing speed, surface area coverage and fluoroscopic X-ray visibility in the oesophagus.