The Governor of the US state of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is supplying funding of $16m to the Allied Health Initiative to increase healthcare professionals in the state using public-private partnership (PPP) over the next three years.

Private players will match the support government funding, making the total investment $32m.

The initiative also includes several state agencies, colleges, Universities of California and the California Hospital Association and its member teaching hospitals.

It is expected to bring thousands of professionals in to California’s hospitals and healthcare facilities, which are struggling with massive shortages to improve the quality of healthcare for the citizens, Governor Schwarzeneggar said.

“The healthcare industry is one of the bright spots in our economy continuing to add jobs, and still our hospitals and community clinics struggle with massive shortages because our colleges and medical training programme can’t keep pace with the rising demand,” he said.

“This public-private partnership will expand the number of pharmacists, lab technicians, imaging specialists and more – giving thousands of Californians the opportunity to pursue their dreams while making our state a healthier place to live.”

The Allied Health Initiative already supports more than 60% of health jobs in the state.

Present figures show that another 27% of pharmacist roles, 35% of medical lab technologists and 48% of radiation technologist and technician roles still remain unfilled in the state.

By staff writer.