Hospitals across Wales will replace traditional uniforms for nurses with a new standard uniform, enforced by a code from October.

The new design of “smart scrubs” will allow patients to easily identify the person in charge of the hospital ward and reduce the risk of infections.

Until now, staff in Welsh hospitals have been using a huge variety of uniforms, making it difficult for the public to differentiate between staff members belonging to different levels.

The new uniforms include green for healthcare support workers; sky blue for staff nurses; royal blue for clinical nurse specialists; and navy for ward sisters and charge nurses.

“Nursing is a very practical profession – nurses have to be able to move freely, lift patients and assist them in all their needs. We needed a uniform to enable nurses to meet these requirements,” explained Rosemary Kennedy, chief nursing officer, Wales.

Student nurses will continue wearing white tunics with different shoulder epaulettes.

A dress code for all NHS workers is also planned later this year.

By staff writer.