The American College of Radiology (ACR) will launch a US-wide mammography database to improve patient care in the field of mammography in July 2009.

The newest addition to the National Radiology Dose Registry (NRDR), a warehouse of ACR registry databases, will help mammography facilities compare their performance and results with other facilities across the nation.

The National Mammography Database will help improve mammography treatment and implement efficient programmes to provide better patient care.

ACR breast imaging reporting and data system committee chair Carl D’Orsi said that one of the best methods of improving early breast cancer detection is through a national approach to breast imaging, with data that can only be achieved through a unified mammography database.

Data uploaded to the NMD regarding individual practice processes and patient outcomes such as cancer detection rates, positive predictive values and recall rates will act as benchmarks.

Users registered with the NMD will receive multiple feedback reports every year, containing comparisons to important medical and audit benchmarking information.