Patients in the UK are not satisfied with the acute mental health services being provided by National Health Service (NHS) trusts, according to a new survey.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) surveyed 7,500 people discharged recently from 64 NHS trusts across England about the quality of care they received.

The study found mental health inpatient services need to focus on individuals’ needs and ensuring the safety of patients.

The survey found 45% of those surveyed said they ‘always’ felt safe on the ward, while 39% ‘sometimes’ felt safe and 16% did not feel safe at all.

Only 34% of people surveyed said that they were involved in decisions about their care and treatment despite it being an important part of meeting a patient’s individual needs, the CQC said.

Other concerns included lack of activities available to patients and limited access to talking therapies such as counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and anxiety management, the survey said.