A new continuous flow heart pump or left ventricular assist device (LVAD) offers a better two-year survival rate for patients with advanced heart failure than the existing pulsatile model, according to a new research.

The HeartMate II Destination Therapy Trial analysed 200 end-stage heart failure patients at 38 US medical centres who were not responding to optimal medical therapy and were ineligible for a heart transplant.

The study showed that 68% of the continuous flow LVAD patients had survived after a year, compared to 55% in the pulsatile flow group, and survival after two years was 58% for the continuous flow device compared to 24% with the pulsatile device.

The new continuous flow LVAD (HeartMate II) is smaller, quieter and more durable than the pulsatile flow LVAD (HeartMate XVE), the only US Food and Drug Administration-approved device for treating such patients, researchers said.