London practice RTKL has completed the first phase of the 74-acre McLaren Health Care Village in the US, four months before schedule.

The 1.2 million square foot mixed-use scheme features eight healthcare facilities and several retail/office spaces to be built with an investment of $600m over the next ten to 12 years.

The first phase of the project features the $15m Great Lakes Cancer Institute sited on an area of 30,000ft² and the 132,000ft² Clarkston Medical Building; as well as a five-acre Garden of Healing and Renewal centre.

The Clarkston Medical Building features a 24-hour urgent care centre, an outpatient surgical centre, a sleep centre and a sports therapy facility.

The second phase of the development will include construction of the main hospital and the third phase will include construction of a heart centre, affiliated health science buildings and a hospital expansion.

The first floor of the cancer institute houses hospital-based services such as a clinic and a radiation room, while the second consists of two practice oncology suites.

The cancer centre features a two-storey atrium with a floor-to-ceiling glass wall that offers natural light to public spaces.

The second floor private and semi-private infusion rooms offer views of the healing garden.