Al-Emadi Hospital in Qatar has launched a new technology aimed at breaking down fats and cellulite in the body.

The new Zerona device helps eliminate cellulite and fat from the skin and strengthen the figure without the need for surgery.

The device uses a cold laser technique to break fats into small molecules that the body can dispose of through the lymphatic vessel with the help of massage, according to

It can be used on the upper limbs, lower limbs, breast and abdomen as well as the neck, back and hips.

Al-Emadi Hospital director Dr Mohamed al-Emadi said that each person’s response to the device was different.

“Through the cold laser technology being used in breaking down the fat cells under the skin in several stages, each person’s response to the device is different and the results do not become apparent until after six sessions, about two weeks after treatment,” al-Emadi said.