The Indian Government has asked the World Health Organization (WHO) to explain media reports that the H1N1 (swine) flu was a “false pandemic”.

Union Health Secretary K Sujatha Rao said that news reports were adversely impacting on the public health measures being undertaken by countries.

Rao said greater transparency is needed about terms and conditions on which international vaccine manufacturers were supplying vaccines to countries.

The WHO had said that new virus was contagious, spreading easily from one person to another, and from one country to another.

The WHO will formally write to National Focal Points in all countries clarifying the factual position about the H1N1 pandemic to quell all doubts that have been created, Indian newspaper Hindustan Times reports.

There have been 1,154 deaths in India caused by the virus and about 28,000 people have been infected with the disease, the newspaper said.