A Trifecta valve used to replace a patient’s diseased, damaged or malfunctioning aortic heart valve, developed by St Jude Medical, has received CE Mark approval.

The Trifecta valve controls blood flow from the heart to the rest of the body and performs like a natural heart valve.

The valve has a tri-leaflet stented pericardial design, which offers hemodynamic performance, or nearly unobstructed blood flow, to mimic the flow of a natural, healthy heart as closely as possible.

The next-generation tissue valve design includes leaflets manufactured from pericardial tissue attached to the exterior of the valve stent.

The valve’s titanium stent is covered with pericardial tissue to allow tissue-to-tissue contact when the leaflets open and close.

The Trifecta valve’s durability includes proprietary tissue fixation and St Jude Medical’s patented Linx AC technology, an anticalcification treatment designed to reduce tissue mineralisation.