A wireless microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensor based on a “smart” contact lens has been developed to monitor the surface of the eye to improve the management of glaucoma patients.

The Sensimed Triggerfish solution will enable better management of glaucoma patients via earlier diagnosis and treatment that is optimally tailored to the individual patient.

The solution is based on a smart contact lens that uses a tiny embedded strain gauge to monitor the curvature of the eye over a period of, typically, 24 hours, providing valuable management data for glaucoma, which is the most common cause of blindness around the world.

Sensimed’s device is a two-part system with the smart contact lens and a small receiver worn around the patient’s neck. In addition to the strain gauge the lens contains an antenna to communicate the measurements to the receiver.

The Sensimed Triggerfish has obtained CE Mark 4 for the European Economic Area, and is undergoing numerous application trials.

ST engineers are now working with Sensimed to translate this breakthrough technology into a reliable commercial MEMS product ready for mass production.