The Indian state of Uttar Pradesh will enter into a public-private partnership (PPP) model to improve healthcare services in the state.

As part of the move, the Government has decided to give public hospitals to private chains such as Apollo and Fortis while retaining 50% of the beds in these hospitals for free patients.

The government will begin by handing over a few hospitals to private entities in four districts of the state. In addition to the district hospitals, the administration of eight community health centres, 23 primary health centres and 210 sub-centres will be given to private companies.

The private partner will have a 75% share in new beds and facilities and the remaining 25% will be used for free services, including all diagnostic facilities as well as medicine.

Under the contract, private partners will manage these hospitals for a period of 33 years. The hand-over process will take place over a six-month period.

Existing medical staff will have the option to work with the private employer or continue to be in government service, according to