Medtronic has announced the start of a US clinical trial for the RestoreSensor neurostimulator, which is designed to adapt therapy to the changing needs of chronic-pain patients.

The RestoreSensor device uses the unique AdaptiveStim feature to provide proprietary smart technology for the first time in an implantable medical device for the treatment of chronic pain.

The device is designed to allow automatic response to changes in position and maintenance of a consistent, optimal level of stimulation for patients, researchers said.

A proprietary sensor and algorithm are used in AdaptiveStim technology to leverage the latest advancements in motion detection technology alongside the RestoreSensor neurostimulator, which uses an accelerometer to sense changes in body position.

The RestoreSensor neurostimulator also records and stores the frequency of the posture and activity changes to provide feedback to the clinician to understand if the patient’s individual stimulation requirements change over time.

The solution has received CE-Mark approval in Europe.