The medical device industry’s first quadripolar pacing system, Promote Quadra cardiac resynchronisation therapy defibrillator (CRT-D), has been launched in Europe by St Jude Medical.

The CRT-D allows physicians to address pacing complications without the need to surgically reposition a lead and offers physicians a more efficient way to manage the pacing needs of patients with heart failure.

The pacing system combines multiple pacing configurations and features, and provides a less-invasive method for managing heart-failure patients using CRT and also reduces the patient’s risk of needing multiple surgical procedures.

The Quartet left ventricular pacing lead used as part of the Promote Quadra system features four pacing electrodes on the left ventricular lead, allowing up to ten pacing configurations so the physician can implant the lead in the most stable location.

The system helps physicians avoid a trade-off between positioning the lead in the most stable location and positioning the electrodes in the best pacing location.

The Promote Quadra CRT-D and Quartet pacing lead have received European CE Mark approval, and are also under an investigational device exemption (IDE) trial for US Food and Drug Administration approval.