Doctors and researchers at the Stem Cell Program at Children’s Hospital Boston, US, have launched a new website,

The Stem Cell Program plans to engage the public in a national discussion about the need to support stem cell research through the website.

Children’s Hospital aims to fill a void and become the best resource for reliable and accessible information on the field of stem-cell research via the new website.

The hospital’s ultimate goal is to bring stem cell-based therapies to the clinic within a few years to lead in a new era of cost-effective healing that is non-invasive to patients.

Children’s plans the website to be a consumer-friendly resource for stem cell-related information and to encourage people to become interested in the science and actively involved in furthering medical research.

The site explains the science in understandable terms in an attempt to illuminate the power and value of different types of stem cells to potentially create cures for illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, leukemia and other cancers.

The website, which features a series of 3D animated ‘stem cell 101’ videos, also allows people to see the human face of stem-cell science.