West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust in the UK has pledged to reduce its carbon footprint by establishing an energy group to help it become greener and save money.

The trust has introduced a new energy facilities project addressing power, heating, hot water and steam supplies, as well as insulation and metering to reduce CO2 emissions over the next five years.

The trust is already working on waste management by recycling all paper, cardboard, batteries, plastic bottles and glass, and now plans to increase recycling and improve waste management.

The trust also plans to use hybrid vehicles.

In addition, members of staff have also agreed to a car-sharing programme and the NHS cycle-to-work scheme.

Strategy and infrastructure director, Sarah Wiles, said: “This is just the start of the trust’s environmental journey and commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.”

“We have some very exciting plans for the future and we are determined to be a very ‘good corporate citizen’,” she added.