NHS Wales in the UK plans to launch a new low-carbon strategy to move its public sector operations towards a more environmentally friendly approach.

Before completing a strategy, NHS Wales will determine its carbon footprint and highlight areas for improvement, in order to find ways to reduce its impact on the local environment.

Wales Health Minister Edwina Harts said NHS Wales was already taking several steps to reduce waste and limit its carbon emissions.

The new measures of NHS Wales include aiding hospitals in installing energy saving LED lighting, improving insulations, and updating lighting controls and motion sensors.

The new £3m assembly government fund will help up and coming hospitals to stick to strict energy and eco-friendly standards.

All of Wales’ 18 major hospitals have arranged green travel plans for staff and patients, including ride sharing, cycling, and better access to public transport and walking.

The government has also invested in new infrastructure and equipment to reduce the system’s impact on the environment, according to recycle.co.uk.