Two new imaging agents, the ProSense 750 FAST and Neutrophil Elastase 680 FAST, developed by VisEn Medical, were launched at the European Molecular Imaging Meeting (EMIM) 2010 in Warsaw, Poland.

These agents enable in vitro biomarker readouts in cells and tissues using standard fluorescence microscopy and other cellular-based imaging systems.

ProSense 750 FAST is used for expanded versatility in imaging cathepsin activity and Neutrophil Elastase 680 FAST is used for imaging inflammatory elastase activity associated with disease progression and therapeutic response.

The new ProSense 750 FAST agent is a faster-activating, smaller molecule product complement to VisEn’s ProSense imaging agent, which targets cathepsins (B, K, L, S and V) in live cell and in vivo imaging studies.

Neutrophil Elastase 680 FAST is a selective neutrophil elastase-activatable agent for imaging serine protease, in vitro and in vivo.